In order to expand its capabilities and capacity for the increasing customers requirements, SOMACIS continues pursuit of a 12 months investment plan with more than Euro 7 million already assigned to USA and Italy plants.

Most of the new equipment is being installed at Hallmark Circuits Inc. in CA, USA, the advanced technology plant acquired by SOMACIS in Q3/2012, and includes:

  • WISE line with new high Cu capacity (55 g/l) MECetchBOND micro-etch system CZ-2030 assuring excellent adhesion standards with etching amounts going down to only half of current MECetchBOND systems
  • Pulse Cu electrolytic line enabling higher aspect-ratio boards, filling Cu, electroplated Ni/Au and OSP
  • Develop Etch Strip line; ultra-thin core, set for flex
  • ATG A7 Flying Probe test system, capable of inspecting pad sizes down to 35 um
  • Schmoll machines, such as 6-spindles drilling and state-of the-art router with optical registration
  • Atotech Oxide Replacement line capable of handling sub 25 um cores
  • Variable-speed compressor, which will reduce the annual energy consumption by more than 100 kWh
  • Orbotech Paragon 8800 LDI and Fusion 22 AOI, capable of producing and testing structures down to 25 um.