Covid-19 Update March, 10th

Yesterday our Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced that the existing restrictions already in place in the north of Italy have been extended to all of the national territory.

The move was taken in order to protect the population against the COVID-19 outbreak, at the same time assuring the smooth running of any business activity not requiring, for its own nature, gatherings of people, such the Somacis one.


The following official link clarifies how there is no impact on the Business activities of our Company because no limitations apply to working operations:



Indeed, the most important aspect is how the travel restrictions don’t apply to people traveling for business reasons and to goods transportation: workers moving to/from their workplace, goods transportation and any work related movement of people and goods will be permitted.


This measure, added to the ones already taken by Somacis SpA since February, 24th to guarantee the health safety in our plants against the Covid-19 spreading out, will definitively help in assuring the continuity of our business, extending by law the preventive measures to the daily life of our workers/employees and their families.


We keep updating you on any progress.