SOMACIS has added Highly Accelerated Thermal Shock (HATS) to its comprehensive testing and analysis capabilities.

In order to evaluate the integrity of PCBs utilized in demanding application segments, like aerospace, defense or medical, SOMACIS has been using various test methods, including Interconnect Stress Test (IST).

SOMACIS has now added HATS to its service offering for reliability testing. HATS is a time-efficient and cost-effective thermal shock reliability test method with extended temperature range, based on traditional air-to-air thermal cycling.

SOMACIS operates four well-equipped laboratories to provide enhanced quality inspection of high-reliability HDI circuit boards as well as for advanced analysis and process control:

  • Thermal Analysis Laboratory (Thermo-Mechanical Analyzer TMA, Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis TGA, Differential Scanning Calorimetric DSC)
  • Metallographic/Dimensional Laboratory (Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope SEM with EDAX detector, Microsection Analysis, OGP Measuring Machine, Universal Coating and Material Properties Measurement System, X–Ray Fluorescence Measuring System, Peel Strength Machine)
  • Electronic Laboratory (Controlled Impedance Test System)
  • Chemical Laboratory (Ionic Contamination Test System, Climatic Room, CPVS Analysis, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, Spectrophotometer).