Project Description

In the automotive sector there is a large variety of PCB applications. Just think about how much electronics has changed the way of driving. Electronic devices run security systems such as ABSASRESP, the ECU controls the engine, etc. Last but not least, all the accessories, such as GPS navigator, audio-video and TV devices, that are more and more widespread. Of course each of these electronic devices requires a PCB.


The SOMACIS’ product portfolio for customers in the automotive sector is very large, starting from standard multilayers, up to PCBs realized with SBU or Sequential Lamination Technology, with BGA pitch lower than 0.4 mm. Moreover SOMACIS can process every kind of dielectric required by the customer, including HTg dielectrics, can offer all kind of finishes and grant everytime the highest product’s realiability.


Thanks to its global presence and to a differentiated supplying  programme, SOMACIS succeeds in satisfying the requirements of the customers in the automotive sector. In a wide and differentiated market like that, its fundamental to offer co-design and co-engineering services, to support the customer with Just In Time consignment, as well as being able to manage prototyping and limited series production. These are the services in which SOMACIS makes the difference.