Project Description

SOMACIS supplies PCBs to be used in the wide and heterogeneous market of IT, Computer and Storage. Because of extent of this market sector, SOMACIS PCBs are destined to be used into many different devices like: motherboardsworkstation & PCB servers,  mainframespower supply unitsdata storage units.


SOMACIS manufactures backplanes and planar transformermetal core PCBs and T-Clad, being able to realize BGA pitch smaller than 0.4 mm. Both for standard and HDI PCBs, SOMACIS always grants the highest quality, implicit in the SOMACIS brand.


From industrialization and prototyping up to the final production in limited series or in big batches, SOMACIS intends to be a complete 360° partner offering a global diversified supplying model, to cover the requirements of the clients located all over the world.