Project Description

Because of the more and more challenging industrial automation push, companies operating in this sector can find in SOMACIS a winning partner. SOMACIS PCBs are employed in a wide number of applications: from electrical switchgears to power supply units, from power conversion units to modern CNC machinery and robotic arms.


PCBs used in this sector could be standard multilayer or more complex HDI boards, manufactured through Sequential Build Up technology. SOMACIS completes its product offer with rigidrigid-flex and flex circuits, in line with IPC 6012, Class 3.


To the customers of the Industrial sector SOMACIS offers the service of Just In Time Consignment, together with a differentiated suppling model, that allows to produce both High-Volume/Low-Mix and Low-Volume/High-Mix. SOMACIS is particularly efficient also in the fast prototyping and QTA services.