Project Description

SOMACIS manufactures PCBs for application in the medical sector.  SOMACIS PCBs are utilised in x-ray equipment, implantable cardiac devices, vital signs monitoringmagnetic resonance imaginghome care devices and telemedicine systems.


Customers in the medical sector know well the 100% reliability of our products. Our PCBs are Class 3, IPC 6012, and we are ISO 13485 certified. No matter if rigid, flex or rigid-flex, SOMACIS’ PCBs are 100% tested, and they can be made of a large choice of materials, following customers requirements.


SOMACIS distinguishes itself for the quality and the completeness of the offered services: from the co-design/co-engineering support during the projecting phase to the fast prototyping, from the full traceability of the product to the Just In Time Consignment programs. Those services make the difference when working for a sensitive sector like the medical one.