Project Description

telecomSOMACIS’ core business is in the telecommunications market sector. This is a strategic choice of SOMACIS, since this particular sector is not only the widest in electronics but even the most technologically advanced, and SOMACIS has its main focus on technology. Some of the fields of application of SOMACIS’ PCBs are: fixed and mobile networksvideoconferencing devicesbroadband and consumer equipments.


SOMACIS manufactures PCBs of the highest quality and technology for applications in the telecommunication sector; among these they are circuits for Radio Frequency and Microwave transmissions, that often requires special dielectrics (i.e. ceramic materials, teflon) to be processed with standard materials (FR4), and High Density Interconnects, realized with Sequential Build Up technology and BGA pitch smaller than 0.4 mmMetal core and metal backed pcbs, able to dissipate the heath trough a thick copper or tin layer, controlled impedance boards and circuits with all kind of finishes are also available in SOMACIS offer for this sector.


SOMACIS adds to its product portfolio some value added services, extremely important and strategic for the customers in the telecommunication sector. Among these we find the fast prototyping and the co-engineering services. Furthermore SOMACIS offers a differentiated supplying model ranging from High-Volume/Low-Mix to Low-Volume/High-Mix and including a Just In Time consignment programme.