12L rigid MLB

8L rigid MLB

8L rigid PCB


16L rigid MLB

14L rigid MLB

8L rigid PCB

4 layers rigid-flex PCB

4 layers rigid-flex PCB with 2 flexible layers. Size 266.7 x 200.6 mm, lines/spaces 87.5/87.5 µm, minimum through hole diameter 0.3 mm, ENIG finishing. Back to Products

24 layers MLB

366.4 x 215.0 mm 24 layers PCB for application in the telecommunication field, realized with standard FR4 dielectric and 12498 mechanical holes. Back to Products

6 layers PCB with mix dielectrics


117.5 x 108.5 mm 6 layers board for applications in the telecommunication field. Realized with LDI (Laser Direct Imaging) technology and mixed dielectrics (FR4 and ceramic low attenuation). Blind laser vias L1-L3. Back to Products