With its co-design and co-engineering service, SOMACIS can offer its customers solutions which put together technological and qualitative excellence in products, extremely efficient services and the unquestionable competitive value of co-design and co-engineering.

With a highly professional CAD/CAM department and the extremely well qualified Research and Development department, SOMACIS is in a position to share its know how in the often critical engineering stage of the product, during which it is crucial to understand the feasibility, the ideal manufacturing process and an estimate of the cost for mass production of the circuit board.

The SOMACIS co-design and co-engineering service is available right from receipt of the pre-release data, at no extra cost, as it is an integral part of the complete service.

The wide ranging services offered by SOMACIS cover the impedance test on the circuit, feasibility evaluation of drilled vias, insulation, pad and dimensional characteristics of the layers, and identifying, if necessary, what dielectric should be used. If at any time a fault or lack is found, SOMACIS engineers will put together alternative solutions in order to guarantee the correct functioning of the circuit board once manufactured.