The capabilities below represents what can be achieved in the SOMACIS plants.
Please note that the values for a specific project may depend on the actual build-up and material combination, on the required volumes, and on the chosen manufacturing location.
By consulting our experts you can check the manufacturability of your specific design.

Advanced capabilities
Lines/spaces 25/25 µm (1/1 mil)
Max number of layers > 50
HDI 7+N+7
Laser vias 40 µm (1,6 mil)
Mechanical vias 50 µm (2 mil)
Laser via pad 150 µm (6 mil)
Mechanical via pad 250 µm (10 mil)
Mechanical via aspect ratio 1:20
Solder gap 20 µm (0,8 mil)
Impedance control +/-5%
Mechanical depth control +/-5 µm (0,2 mil)
Max panel size 640×570 mm (25×22″)
Min thickness flex material 25 µm (1 mil)
Max copper thickness 420 µm (12 oz)
Max PCB thickness 8 mm (0,315″)
Materials FR4, FR4 halogen free, FR4 HTg, polyimide, Rogers, Arlon, Nelco, Taconic, Megtron 4, Megtron 6, CIC, PTFE, RCC, BT resin, etc.
Finishes ENIG, ENEPIG, EPIG, OSP, HAL Sn/Pb, HAL lead-free, immersion tin, immersion silver, electrolytic gold, etc.
Special technologis Copper filled vias, resin filled via with zero dimple, embedded resistors and capacitors, metal backed and metal core, embedded copper coins, etc.