Delay and attenuation are two of the most critical parameters in microwave/radio frequency (RF) transmission.

PCBs used in RF applications have to match specific requirements of signal propagation. These requirements mainly impact on the dieletrics that have to be used in the PCB assembly procedures.

PTFE (better known as Teflon) is the ideal dielectric in RF applications, but it is not easy to be coupled with the standard dielectrics (FR4) used in PCB manufacturing.

Ceramic dielectrics are currently the most used material in multilayer boards both as the unique dielectric (special applications) or as the external layers with the inner being realised in FR4.

During some technical experimentations conducted in our R&D labs we were able to realise a 70 GHz multilayer PCB entirely made of FR4.

All the commonly used specific materials can be managed by SOMACIS. We offer a wide variety of high speed/low loss solutions in the microwave boards market and we are able to realize extremely precise slots, tracks and pads (gap and track +/- 10 µm, accurate routing +/- 50 µm).